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Jørgensen 1905

Plate 9

Fig. 36. Chromyechinus borealis (CL.), 450/1, The outer shell is only indicated by the transverse processus of the radial spines. Larger spines on one side of the shell. Kvænangen, 24/1 1899.
a. The 3d shell, with spines.
b. Optical section, showing the three shells. Diameters 93 µ, 40 µ,? Pores very uneven, 10-25µ, ±6 µ.?

Fig. 37. C. borealis (CL.), the larger form with byspines on the 4th shell; 450/1.
a. Sea off Røst, 22/3 1899, 0-900 m. Optical section, showing the 4 shells. Diameters 132 µ, 89, 38, >=17.
b. The same specimen. A portion of the 3d shell with one larger and two smaller radial spines and pores, together with a portion of the 4th shell with pores.
c. A form with well developed byspines on the 4th shell; optical section. The Vest Fiord, 1/2 1899, 0-200 m.
d. The same specimen. The portion of the 3d shell, where the outmost shell is wanting; pores and spines.
e. The same. A portion of the 4th shell (very thinwalled) with pores, main spines and byspines (slender, oblique).

Fig. 38. Rhizoplegma boreale (CL.) JØRG., 450/1.
a. A well developed specimen. Sea off Røst, 22/3 1899, 0-900 m.
b. The same specimen. One of the main spines with surrounding network.
c. The same. The inner shell; the other parts in optical section.
d. Young specimen. From the sea between Norway and Iceland, due east of Iceland, 65° 43' n., 3° 1' w., 14/12 1903 (S/S Michael Sars).