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Takahashi 1991

Plate 58

Suborder: Phaeodaria,
Family: Castanellidae

Figure, Species, Station depth (m), Type of Micrograph, Magnification

1. Castanidium longispinum Haecker, Primary feature of relatively solid unit having ca. 150-800 angstrom pores in the central part of skeleton; conchoidal fractures are artifact with the sectioning., PB: 0-100 plankton tow, TEM, x 17000.

2. Castanidium longispinum Haecker, Cross section of relatively undissolved specimen showing brittle texture of the broken surface., PB: 389, SEM, x 1920.

3. Castanidium longispinum Haecker, Secondary feature due to dissolution, having pores bounded by tubular skeleton., E: 1268, TEM, x 5600.

4. Castanidium longispinum Haecker, Morphology corresponding to figure 3. Note presence of slit-like space; occasionally observed in many specimens., PB: 667, SEM, x 2260.

5. Castanidium abundiplanatum Takahashi, n. sp., Elongated specimen; an early stage of binary fission?, PB: 3769, SEM, x 60.

6. Castanidium abundiplanatum Takahashi, n. sp., Two specimens splitting apart., PB: 3769, SEM, x 55.

7. Castanidium abundiplanatum Takahashi, n. sp. Holotype., PB: 1268, LM, x 105.

8. Castanidium abundiplanatum Takahashi, n. sp. Paratype., PB: 3769, SEM, x 90.

9. Castanissa circumvallata Schmidt Bi-spines broken off., E: 389, SEM, x 130.

10. Castanidium sp., PB: 3769, SEM, x 66.

11. Castanella aculeata Schmidt, P1: 4280, SEM, x 90.

12. Castanella macropora (Borgert), P1: 4280, SEM, x 200.

13. Castanella aculeata Schmidt, P1: 978, SEM, x 80.