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Petrushevskaya 1967

Fig. 58
"Cephalic" segments of skeletons of various Cornutella:
I - C. distenta, specimen taken live from the 3,000 m horizon at station 5145 of the “Vityaz" (the long slender apical horn is seen); II - C. verrucosa, early stage of development, taken live at the 300 m horizon of station 5124 of the "Vityaz" (long slender apical horn seen);
III - C. verrucosa, specimen from sediment of station 127 (horn broken off); IV - Cornutella sp. (?) from sediment of station 264; V - Cornutella sp. (?) from sediment of station 182; VI - C. ornutella sp. (?) from station 220; VII - explanation missing in Russian text;
VIII - C. 1ongiseta from sediment of station 33 (rudiment of needle Vert seen facing reader). In all specimens from sediment apical horn broken off.