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Petrushevskaya 1967

Fig. 48
Lithomelissa (?) borealis (Ehrenberg):
I - adult specimen, anterior view, somewhat from left (station S 1056); II - almost completed shell, viewed from right, very slightly posteriorly (station 1056);
III - broken skeleton, anterior view, slightly from right (station S 2104); IV - adult specimen, viewed from left (station S 2104); V - incomplete shell, viewed from right (S 2104); VI - specimen resembling Lithomelissa (?) borealis, with incomplete skeleton viewed from right (station S 2104); VII - specimen of Lithomelissa sp., resembling Lithomelissa setosa J├Ârgensen, incompletely viewed from right, somewhat anteriorly (station S 2104); VIII - specimen resembling Lithopera oceanica Ehrenberg, viewed from left (station S 2104); IX - specimen of Cyrtoidae gen. sp., viewed from left (station 345 of the "Ob") (all specimens from sediment).