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Petrushevskaya 1967

Fig. 40
Dictyophimus clevei J├Ârgensen:.
I - adult specimen, viewed from left (station 370);
II - young specimen, viewed from right (station 243);
III - later stage, anterior view (station 52); IV - same stage, viewed from below (station 202); all four from
sediment; V - young specimen from plankton at depth of 1,000 m from station 5117 of the "Vityaz"; VI -
initial stage; only "cephalis" formed; taken live from a depth of 5,000m from station 5124 of the "Vityaz";
VII - late stage from sediment of station 5117 of the "Vityaz"; shell slightly dissolved;
VIII - same stage from sediment off the coast of California.