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van de Paverd 1995

Plate 73
The 100 ┬Ám scale bar applies to all figures.

Figs. 1-3. Eucyrtidium anomalum, formae anomalum (figs. 1 and 2) and bombus (fig. 3). BSS 34B(F) EF Z27, IOW 188(F) and BSS 26B(F) EF X48.

Figs. 4-6. Eucyrtidium tropezianum. BSW P05(F) EF H37, BSS 32B(F) and BSS 50B(F) EF 031.

Figs. 7-9. Eucyrtidium acuminatum. BSS 28B(II); BSS 32B(F) EF Z45 and BSS 28B(II).

Figs. 10-13. Eucyrtidium dictyopodum. All from BSS; 38B(F) EF G43, 13B(F2), 32B(F) EF M46 and 28B(II).

Fig. 14. Eucyrtidium bacca. BSS 19B(F) EF W43.

Fig. 15. Eucyrtidium cuspidatum (Bailey). BSS 14B(F) EF C21.