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van de Paverd 1995

Plate 71
The 100 µm scale bar applies to all figures except fig. 11,
which has its own, 10 µm scale bar.

Figs. 1-3. Litharachnium tentatorium. Apical, oblique apical, lateral and oblique lateral views of a complete specimen (figs. la,b) and two incomplete ones (figs. 2 and 3). BSS 28B(II), BSS 31B(F) EF K28 and BSS 141B(F) EF P19.

Figs. 4, 5. Tripodoconus longipes. BSS 28B(II) and BSS 38B(F) EF K45. Note large difference in pore diameter of cephalis and thorax.

Figs. 63. Tripodoconus ornicius. BSS 25B(F) EF R30 and BSS 28B(IT).

Figs. 8-11. Eucyrtidium anomalum, forma bombus. (figs. 8, 9) and forma virchowii (figs. 10, 11). BSS 28B(II) and IOW 134(F), IOW 140(F) and 28B(VII/1043).

Figs. 12, 13. Peromelissa undulatum. BSS 19B(F) EF J39 and 28B(II).