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van de Paverd 1995

Plate 68
The 10 µm scale bar applies to figures 1, 3 and 4;
the 100 µm scale bar applies to all other figures.

Fig. 1, (2?) Pseudodictyophimus cienkowskii. BSS 28B(III/120 and II).

Fig. 3-6 Pseudodictyophimus gracilipes. BSS 28B(III/105 anJI08), BSS 21B(F) EF F32 and BSS 30B(F) EF B48.

Fig. 7. Periarachnium hexagonale. BSS 28B(II). Cp. cephalis with that in figs. 9-11.

Fig. 8. Eucyrtidium venosum. BSS 19B(F) EF P49.

Figs. 9-11. Periarachnium anthocyrtis, showing morphological variability in shell and pore size. All BSS; 28B(II), no sample ID and 50B(F) EF G32.