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van de Paverd 1995

Plate 64
The 100 ┬Ám scale bar applies to all figs. except figs. 8 and 10b,
which have their own scale bar.

Fig. 1. Clathrocanium coarctatum (incomplete specimen). BSS 28B(VI/471).

Fig. 2, 4, 6. Pteroscenium murrayi. BSS (no sample ID), BSS 28B(III/194) and BSS 27B(F) EF F51.

Fig. 3. Cladoscenium indet. BSS 28B(VI/472).

Figs. 5, 7, 8. Pteroscenium carolotae. Figs. 5 and 8: frontal views; fig. 7: lateral view. IOW 188(F), BSS 28B(III/469), BSS 28B(VIII/1067).

Figs. 9, 10a,b. Pteroscenium arcuatum Note similarity between irregular perforate plate structure in fig. 10b and that of Acrosphaera ? labrata in Pl. 8, fig. 6. BSS 32B(F) EF 53 and BSS (no sample ID).