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van de Paverd 1995

Plate 35
The 100 µm scale bar applies to figs. 1-3 and 6-9a; the 10 µm scale bar
on the left applies to figs. 4 and 5. Fig. 9b has its own scale bar.

Figs. 1, 2, 4, 5. Actinomma hastatum. Figs. 1, 2, 4: forma leptodermum. Fig. 5: forma hastatum. BSS 27B(F) EF J34, 26B(F) EF D40, 28B(VII/1360) and BSS 28B(II/603).

Figs. 3, 6-8. Actinomma circumtexta. Specimens in figs. 3 and 6 both have rosette-shaped pores but differ in the thickness of the main spines. With (rig. 7) and without (fig. 8) delicate outer shell. BSS 28B(II), (VIII/1098), (VII/1569) and BSS 28B(II).

Fig. 9a,b. Actinomma langii Dreyer, with pylome at right-hand side (fig. 9a) and a well-developed microperforate plate (fig. 9b), which drapes over the short spines, forming small tentlike elevations. BSS 28B(II/686).