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Afanasieva 2000

PLATE 138.
Microlamination (1) and macrolamination (2-6) of the Domanik rocks,
which are emphasized by arrangment of tentaculitid skeletons
Upper Devonian, Middle Frasnian, Domanik Formation. The Domanik River, sample 2: fig. 1; the Chut River, outcrop 7: fig. 2 - sample 86, fig. 3 - sample 6, fig. 4 - sample 4, fig. 5, 6 - sample 1,2c.

Fig. 1. Macrolamination of tentaculitid cherty-clay limestone depend on number (0-70%) and orientation of tentaculitid skeletons: FF-L030/002, thin-section (bar=1,5mm).
Fig. 2. There are the thin interrupted laminas formed by tentaculitid skeletons and its location in black and brownish-gray calcareo-cherty bituminous shale: FF-L003/0086 (=10mm).
Fig. 3. Banded, thick-bedded, bluish-gray and blackish-brown bituminous silicite, part of calcareous silicite: FF-L003/006 (=9mm).
Fig. 4. There is the disorderly placer of tentaculitid skeletons on bedding planes of black cherty shale: FF-L001/004 (=8mm).
Fig. 5, 6. Brownish-gray silicite with Tentakulita, FF-L003/001,2c (=9mm): 5 - section, 6 - surface of bed.