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April 2001
Dear radfolks,
does anyone know which species this is? Could the specimen belong to Lithomelissa laticeps described by Jørgensen in 1905 (see drawings below)?

The specimen was found in the Norwegian Sea in Recent sediments.

Jane K. Dolven 2001/04/01

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From Jørgensen 1905 (pl. 16, figs. 84a-b)

Jane K. Dolven (2001/04/01)

cf (tho not equal to) Stichopileum bicorne? Lazarus, Leg 120 SR

Stichopileum bicorne? group, Lazarus, ODP Leg 120 SR

I've not seen anything in the Antarctic equal to this form but it bears a resemblance at least to some late Miocene material - a grab bag group I illustrated with the probably false name S. bicorne in the L120 report.

Dave Lazarus (2001/04/02)

I have seen this bug in many recent sediments of the Kuroshyo Current, Crozet Basin, and in some plankton samples of the Northern Pacific. To my knowledge, it was never published. I have many SEM and photomicroscope pictures, but they are not yet digitized. Let me know if you're interested.

Jean Pierre Caulet (2001/04/06)

it would be great to see your pictures.
Thanks in advance.

Jane K. Dolven (2001/04/10)

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