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August 2009
A 'Rad- ical' question: is this a rad and if so who is it?

I've found a bunch of these (1 per litre) in surface (0-100 m) layer
samples from the eastern Med. from last September. So far everyone has
drawn a blank! Dave Caron suggested it might be a rad. The specimen was
fixed in Lugol's (hence the redish tinge of the cytoplasm).


John R. Dolan
Marine Microbial Ecology
Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche
Station Zoologique
BP 28
06230 Villefranche-sur-Mer

John R. Dolan 2009/08/10

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Any Phaeodarian experts out there?
Colette Lefevre suggested a Phaeodarian- Lirella melo. However I wonder if it might be a Miracella species?

John Dolan (2009/09/08)

Monique Cachon believes the image is a species of Cystidium. Iben Heiner Bang-Berthelsen has said it looks like a loriciferan of the genus Rugiloricus.

John Dolan (2010/02/10)

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