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April 2002
Do we really know Cretaceous non-Tethyan radiolarians from the Northern Hemisphere? These rads are from a clastic unit, the Kiselyovsky accretionary wedge terrane, Far Eastern Russia.

Age - Albian

Present-day latitude is 51 N, with no indication of any appreciable post-accretional displacement. No paleomagnetic data exist yet.

Together with other "strangers" these forms comprise about 90 % of residues.

I differentiated four species (see pictures below). With decreasing in height morphologies change from "slimmer" to "fatter" twice. The largest species is particularly asymmetric - bent about a pore in the middle of the test/chamber.

If anybody saw the similar morphologies, please let me know.

Scale bar = 100 microns

Sergey Ziabrev

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