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Third Circular INTERRAD X - 2003


Dear Radiolarian Colleagues,

Plans for the upcoming meeting are proceeding nicely. Sorry to be late again. The construction of our web site took more time that we thought. Unfortunately, due to time constraints the pre-meeting field trip to Spain had to be cancelled. We would like to invite participants of this field trip to subscribe for the field trip to Sicily.

T-shirts will be for sale with the INTERRAD-X logo for approximately CHF 25.- We will have a variety of sizes available and it would be appreciated if you could order the number and sizes in advance via e-mail to interradx@unil.ch. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at interradx@unil.ch

We look forward to seeing you in September!
Yours faithfully,
Peter O. Baumgartner

  • Meeting dates and location
  • Important dates
  • Fixed costs: Field trips, Accommodation, Registration fee
  • Scientific committee
  • Abstracts
  • Evening workshops
  • Scientific theme sessions
  • Special events
  • Registration procedure
  • Abstract procedure
  • Personal page

MEETING DATES: Sept. 7 (Sunday, travel day) - Sept. 13 (Saturday, travel day), 2003

University of Lausanne, Switzerland. For further information visit http://www.unil.ch/central/bref_en/acces/

The Web site for on-line registration, payment and submission of abstracts is up and running. http://www-sst.unil.ch/interrad/

Registration for the meeting, field trips, and accommodation until April 30, 2003.

Payment of registration fee, field trip costs, and accommodation deposit until April 30, 2003

Submission of abstracts until April 30, 2003

Submission of manuscripts for proceedings of the meeting until January 2004

Costs have now been confirmed for the congress. All fees will be due in CHF. 1 CHF = 0.68 Euro or 0.72 US Dollar (March. 2003, be aware of fluctuations)

For more details on the pre- and post-meeting field trips we ask you to contact the organizers listed below. Upon receipt of payment, you will be informed about the detailed logistics of each field trip by the field trip organizers. University mini buses will be used for the pre- and post-meeting field trips.

PRE-MEETING FIELD TRIP, SICILY. Wednesday, September 3 to Sunday September 7.
Mesozoic and Cenozoic radiolarian biostratigraphy and paleogeography of Sicily. Includes flight Geneva-Palermo-Geneva. Cost: CHF 1000. � Since the other pre-meeting field trip was cancelled, we think that those who were interested in Spain may find Sicily equally interesting! At present there are 16 persons interested in participating. Organizer: Marco Chiari: mchiari@steno.geo.unifi.it.

MID-MEETING FIELD TRIP, Wednesday, September 10.
Field trip to ZERMATT - GORNERGRAT by train. Structural geologists who have worked in the area will led the filed trip, this will allow us to observe a complete transect of the Central Alps. The transportation will be by bus and trains Cost: CHF 120. - Currently there are 34 participants for this trip. Free space is still available. It seems as if almost everybody will be going on this trip! Contact: Sarah-Jane.Jackett@igp.unil.ch

POST-MEETING FIELD TRIP, Saturday, September 13 to Thursday, September 18.
Mesozoic radiolarian occurrences in the Southern Alps (Belluno Basin) and Slovenia. Starts and ends in Lausanne. Cost: CHF 500. - At present there are 16 persons interested in participating. Organizer: Spela Gorican and Paola Beccaro: Spela@zrc-sazu.si.

Participants should fly preferably to Geneva or alternatively to Zurich International Airports. Direct trains to Lausanne leave every 30 minutes from both airports. It takes 40 minutes from Geneva Airport and costs 26 CHF for an adult second-class one-way ticket and 46 CHF for a return ticket.

It takes 3 hours by train from Zurich Airport to Lausanne, and costs 67 CHF for an adult second-class one-way ticket and 123 CHF for a return ticket. For more information: http://www.rail.ch/index_e.htm

The University of Lausanne and the Hotel can be reached within 20 minutes from the train station by public transport. We will provide you with maps and directions.

The pre- and post-meeting field trips will start and end in Lausanne, or Geneva Airport respectively.

The cost of accommodation INCLUDING THREE DAYLY MEALS is depending on your choice of room:
Double room with shower on the hallway: CHF 90.- per day.
Double room with private shower: CHF 100.- per day
Single room with private shower: CHF 120.- per day

During on-line registration it is possible to request to share rooms.

Families traveling with a child: The maximum room size offered is for 2 people, therefore families wanting a small bed for a young child please contact us so we can arrange this for you

Registration fee: 200 CHF Student (includes undergraduate and graduate students, pre-PhD): 100 CHF

We expect to be able to help fund travel and accommodation costs of a few participants who cannot come to the meeting without our help. Please contact us by mail interradx@unil.ch with a preliminary budget and justification of the amount requested.


AITCHISON Jonathan, Chinajona@hku.hk
BAUMGARTNER, Peter O., SwitzerlandPeter.Baumgartner@igp.unil.ch
BLUEFORD, Joyce R., USAblueford@msnucleus.org
BOLTOVSKOY Demetrio, Argentinademetrio@bg.fcen.uba.ar
CARTER Elizabeth, USAescarter@coinet.com
DUMITRICA Paulian, SwitzerlandPaulian.Dumitrica@igp.unil.ch
GORICAN Spela, SloveniaSpela@zrc-sazu.si
GUEX Jean, SwitzerlandJean.Guex@igp.unil.ch
HORI Rie S., Japanhori@sci.sci.ehime-u.ac.jp
MATSUOKA Atsushi, Japanmatsuoka@geobio.ge.niigata-u.ac.jp
O�DOGHERTY Luis, Spainluis.o'dogherty@uca.es
SANFILIPPO Annika, USA.annika@UCSD.Edu
URQUHART Elspeth, USAeurquhart@rsmas.miami.edu
WHALEN Patrica, USA.micropaw@ipa.net

No parallel sessions will be held. Sessions will be organized based on the submitted abstracts. A speaker ready room will be set up, and information for the speakers will be mailed to speakers along with abstract acceptance notices.

Posters will be hung for the duration of the meeting and specific time will be set-aside for authors to be present at their posters for their discussion and presentation. Maximum poster size is set at A0 (1189 mm x 841 mm).

As usual, each speaker will be limited to one oral presentation and two posters. You may be co-author on additional abstracts that you are not presenting. Abstracts are to be submitted via the web site (for procedures see below). Abstracts are only accepted in digital format. They may include illustrations. Abstracts will have to fit on two pages of the abstract booklet. Therefore they will be limited to 1,000 words, or 500 words and one page of illustration, etc. Please submit illustrations on the web site as a .gif or .jpg file WITH MAXIMAL QUALITY. Maximum actual document size is limited to 270x170 mm. For further details of submission see below.

Please contact us by mail interradx@unil.ch, if you would like to propose a theme. To date the following themes are planned:

Paleozoic Working Group
Triassic-Jurassic Working Group
Pliensbachian-Aalenian Working Group
Middle Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous Working Group (progress and discussion of the revision of the Atlas)
Late Cretaceous- early Paleogene Working Group

Technical sessions for INTERRAD 2003 will be plenary sessions, organized by theme. The listed conveners are tentative and incomplete.

  1. Radiolarian biology, ecology, genomics. Convener: Atsushi MATSUOKA
  2. Radiolarian taxonomy, systematics, and phylogeny. Convener: Paulian DUMITRICA
  3. Radiolarian biochronology, quantitative methods, calibration, correlation. Convener: Jean GUEX
  4. Radiolaria and Radiolarites as paleoenvironmental indicators. Convener: Patrick DEWEVER
  5. Radiolarians in terrain analysis, structure and tectonics. Convener?
  6. Development of radiolarian databases and computer tools. Convener: Giuseppe CORTESE
  7. Radiolarian biostratigraphy of critical stratigraphic intervals. Several conveners depending on interval.
Please note: the length of these sessions will be determined by the abstract submissions. Those with little or no interest will be cancelled or combined with other sessions.


MID-MEETING FIELD TRIP: As has been the tradition at the last few meetings, we have reserved Wednesday, September 10 as a geo-sightseeing day. For those who wish to relax in Lausanne, the shores of Lake Geneva and against the backdrop of the Alps the great historical and cultural city of Lausanne offers its guests a wide variety of points of interest and leisure activities. For more information: http://www.lausanne-tourisme.ch/
For those wishing to sightsee, this year the mid-meeting field trip will be to ZERMATT - GORNERGRAT by train. This trip will be led by structural geologists who have worked in the area and will allow us observe a complete transect of the Central Alps, with many panoramic stops and a gentle walk on a Mesozoic ocean floor on the Gornergrat at 3000 m above sea level. We will have a breathtaking view of many glaciers and the highest peaks of the Alps. Mountain boots and warm, waterproof clothing is required.

CONGRESS DINNER: The Swiss folk dance evening will take place near the university grounds on the evening of Thursday, September 11. It will include meal and beverages.

Anyone who requires a letter of invitation, for either securing a visa or funding, please interradx@unil.ch as soon as possible


  1. Web site http://www-sst.unil.ch/interrad/
  2. The registration page is a secure page protected by the University of Lausanne. Please fill all your personal details, mandatory fields are indicated. All information you submit at this stage can be changed at a later date using your chosen password to re-access the page. Please make sure you have entered a correct e-mail address, as all confirmation e-mails will be sent to this address.
  3. If you are being accompanied please fill the name and surname of the accompanying person, please note an e-mail address for this person is not compulsory.
  4. Choose your registration category. Please note that students will be required to present proof of full time enrolment at an accredited university during on-site registration at the beginning of the symposium.
  5. Choose your preferred accommodation and how many rooms required. This option is available incase several rooms are required for accompanying persons. If you wish to share your room with a colleague/ accompanying person, please indicate the intended person.
  6. Once you press the �Submit� button, you will be given another opportunity to verify your details. Your total bill will be calculated. In order to confirm your registration, payment of your full registration fee, total field trip cost and a 20% hotel room deposit is required.
  7. Select your method of payment. If you wish to make a bank transfer, details will appear on the following page and they will also be sent to the e-mail address you entered, in order for you to proceed with your payment.
  8. Your personal username is automatically set. Please enter a password. This will allow you to enter details in the abstract submission section.
  9. Alternatively, if you prefer to send your payment details by fax, please print the payment page and send it to +41 (0) 21 692 43 05.


  1. Web site http://www-sst.unil.ch/interrad/
  2. Enter your given username and chosen password. This was e-mailed to you during the registration process.
  3. Enter the abstract title and authors details. If more spaces are required for authors details please click on �more�. Please note that each first author is limited to 3 abstract submissions, one oral presentation and 2 posters. In case you choose the option �I am not the presenting author�, you will be redirected to the list of participants where you can pick the name of the presenting author. If the presenting author is not yet registered, you are considered the presenting author but you will be able to change this information later.
  4. Copy and paste your abstract into the space provided. The abstract word limit is 1,000 words maximum, or 500 words and one page of illustration.
    Important note: Special Characters for Use in Web Submission. When typing your abstract in the space provided, only plain characters can be used. If special features such as boldface, italic, superscript, and subscript are needed, you have to indicate these by the appropriate HTML tags. The use of such tags is not as complicated as it may seem, i.e. <I> Stylosphaera hispida </I> Before the word(s) After the word(s) Boldface <B> </B> Italics <I> </I> Superscript <SUP> </SUP> Subscript <SUB> </SUB>
  5. Please submit illustrations to the web site as a .gif or .jpg file WITH MAXIMUM QUALITY. Maximum actual document size is limited to 17 x 25 cm. Click �Browse� to select the image from your hard drive. Using the pull down menus chose your first and second preferred sessions to present your oral presentation/ poster. Select the type of presentation, either oral or poster, and before you click on the submit button, be sure you have verified the information on this page.


Once you have registered you have a personal page. This will allow you to make any desired changes to your abstract submission and your registration details. To access your personal page, please enter your user name and password hat was e-mail to you during registration. https://wwwdbunil.unil.ch/interrad/?MIval=scm_infoC