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First Circular INTERRAD X - 2003

Tenth meeting of the International Association of Radiolarian Paleontologists to be held at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, September, 2003

During INTERRAD 2000, in Blairsden (California) it was decided to hold the tenth Interrad meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland. After consulting with the University administration and European colleagues, we have decided on the dates of the upcoming meeting. The programme will approximately follow the style of the past meetings.

With this first circular, we would like to solicit your input. We encourage you to comment on the proposed, tentative programme and to suggest other sessions, evening workshops, etc.

Since we are already running a bit late, we would like to urge you to respond in the near future. Please respond to the attached questionnaire no later than MARCH 31, 2002.

The second circular will be mailed in April 2002. NOTE: The 2nd circular will only be mailed to those who respond to the first circular.

Wellcome to Lausanne and Switzerland! Peter O. Baumgartner, president of INTERRAD.

MEETING DATES: Sept. 7 (Sunday p.m.) - Sept. 13 (Saturday a.m.), 2003
MEETING LOCATION: University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

We have been able to reserve the "Grange" (the barn). The Grange is a big historical farm building amidst large trees and shady lawns on our University Campus, 200 m from the Lake Leman. The Grange is usually hosting University receptions and theatre presentations. There is sufficient room to hang posters all week, to have the plenary sessions, and to have workshops and small meetings in the evening in several rooms, if needed. The grange is only 100 m from the University cafeteria, where we will have lunch and dinner. It is also 100 m from the Institute of Geology and Paleontology. For more details go on the University wevbsite: http://www.unil.ch/central/bref_en/acces/index.html

For housing, we have already reserved at the Jeun�tel, a modern youth hostel located at the lake. The University Campus can be reached from the hotel either by a short (2 stops) bus ride, or by a pleasant 15 minutes walk along the lake. There are single and double rooms with private shower, or double rooms with shower on the hallway available. We would like you to mark your preference in the attached questionnaire.

We are aware of budget limitaions of everyone and intend to make the meeting as low cost as possible. At present 1 CHF = 0.68 Euro = 0.58 US Dollar

The registration fee will be around CHF 200.-

The estimated cost of accommodation AND three daily meals is depending on the choice of room:

  • Double room with shower on the hallway: CHF 90.- per day.
  • Double room with private shower: CHF 100.- per day
  • Single room with private shower: CHF 120.- per day

Please, pre-register for one type of accommodation on the attached questionnaire! This will allow us to plan ahead.

At present, we are applying for funds that may enable us to offer discounts for students. We welcome any suggestions regarding fundraising to help defray conference expenses.

Participants should fly to Geneva or Zurich International Airports. Direct trains to Lausanne leave every 30 minutes from both airports, . It takes 40 minutes from Geneva Airport and 3 hours from Zurich Airport to reach Lausanne. The University of Lausanne and the Hotel can be reached within 30 minutes from the train station by public transport.

The pre- and post-meeting field trips will start and end in Lausanne, or Geneva Airport respectively.

Sunday evening - Welcoming outdoors barbecue party. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (full days), and Friday Morning - technical sessions. Wednesday - field trip and sightseeing day. Thursday night - Swiss Folk Dance Party. Friday afternoon - business meeting. Saturday morning - departure; early departures may be arranged.


Preliminary list of suggested theme sessions

  1. Radiolarian biology, ecology, genomics.
  2. Radiolarian taxonomy, systematics, and phylogeny.
  3. Radiolarian biostratigraphy, biochronology, quantitative methods, calibration, correlation.
  4. Radiolarians in paleoenvironmental studies.
  5. Radiolarians from mountain belts and past oceans.
  6. Development of radiolarian databases and computer tools
  7. Late Cretaceous-Paleogene radiolarian biostratigraphy.
The length of these sessions will be determined by the abstract submissions. Those with little or no interest will be cancelled or combined with other sessions.

If you are interested in convening any of the above sessions, or would like to propose an additional session, please respond via our questionnaire.

No parallel sessions will be held. Sessions will be organized based on the submitted abstracts. A speaker ready room will be set up, and instructions/suggestions to speakers will be mailed to speaker along with abstract acceptance notices.

Posters will be hung for the duration of the meeting and specific time will be set-aside for authors to be present at their posters for their discussion and presentation. Poster dimensions will appear in the 2nd circular and will be mailed along with abstract acceptance notices.

As usual, each speaker will be limited to one volunteered oral presentation and two posters. You may be co-author on additional abstracts that you are not presenting.

If you plan on holding an evening workshop, please respond via our questionnaire.


MID-MEETING FIELD TRIP FOR EVERYONE, Wednesday, September 10. We organize one mid-meeting field trip to ZERMATT - GORNERGRAT by bus/train. This trip will be BOTH OF TURISTIC AND GEOLOGIC INTEREST. We will be led by structural geologists who have worked in the area and will allow to observe a complete transect of the Central Alps, with many panoramic stops and an easy walk on a Mesozoic ocean floor on the Gornergrat. At 3000 m above sea level, we will have a breathtaking view on many glasiers and the higehst peaks of the Alps. Mountain boots and warm, water-proof clothing is required. Cost: Approximately CHF 120.- per person
We plan to organize one or two pre-meeting and a post-meeting field trip. At this time, schedules and estimates of cost are tentative, and depend largely on the number of participants.

PRE-MEETING FIELD TRIP A, Wednesday, September 3 to Sunday September 7. Mesozoic and Cenozoic radiolarian biostratigraphy and paleogeography of Sicily. Includes flight Geneva-Palermo-Geneva. Estimated cost CHF 1000.- Organizer: Marco Chiari: mchiari@steno.geo.unifi.it

PRE-MEETING FIELD TRIP B, Wednesday, September 3 to Sunday September 7. Mesozoic and Cenozoic radiolarian biostratigraphy and paleogeography of Southern Spain. Includes flight Geneva-Granada-Geneva. Estimated cost CHF 1000.- Organizer: Luis O'Dogherty: luis.o'dogherty@uca.es

POST-MEETING FIELD TRIP, Saturday, September 14 to Thursday, September 18. Mesozoic radiolarian occurrences of the Southern Alps (Belluno Basin) and Slovenia. Starts and ends in Lausanne. Estimated cost: CHF 500.- Organizer: Spela Gorican: Spela@zrc-sazu.si

If you would like to contribute field stops, or if you have a specific interest in visiting certain localities and want them added to the itinerary, please contact one of us directly, or respond on the questionnaire.

If you have and comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please, copy and paste this questionnaire into a reply BEFORE MARCH 31, 2002 and mail to:

EMAIL: interradx@unil.ch
FAX: 41 21 692 43 05 ATT.: INTERRAD X 2003
POST: Peter O. Baumgartner, President Interrad Institut de G�ologie et Pal�ontologie Universit� de Lausanne, BFSH 2 CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland.

1. I expect to attend this meeting (yes, no, undecided)

2. I expect to bring a spouse/family (yes, no, undecided)

3. I would prefer

  • Double room with shower on the hallway: CHF 90.- per day (all prices including meals).
  • Double room with private shower: CHF 100.- per day
  • Single room with private shower: CHF 120.- per day
4. I may submit abstracts to 1 or more of the following themes: (numbers 1 - 7, or other suggested session)

5. I would like to propose the following additional theme session and convene it:

6. I am interested in attending the following fieldtrips (yes, no, undecided):

  • Mid-Meeting field trip: Zermatt
  • Pre-Meeting field trip A: Sicily
  • Pre-Meeting field trip B: Southern Spain
  • Post-Meeting field trip: Belluno-Slovenia

7. I would like to propose and organize an additional or alternate field trip:

8. I would like to request a specific locality be visited on a field trip: (list which fieldtrip and the desired locality)

9. I would like to hold an evening workshop (list topic and approx. length)