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Lamprocyclas maritalis group

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Lamprocyclas maritalis group
Richard N. Benson (25/05/2004)
Nigrini’s (1967, 1968) subdivision of Lamprocyclas maritalis into three subspecies—L. m. maritalis, L. m. polypora, and L. m. ventricosa—was published after Benson (1966); therefore, the description of L. maritalis by Benson (1966) applies to all three subspecies, although it mostly applies to L. m. maritalis. The ranges of the length and breadth of the abdomen given by Benson (1966) cover the combined ranges of Nigrini’s measurements of the abdomens of her three subspecies. For the Gulf of California, therefore, Lamprocyclas maritalis was identified and counted as a group.

As given in the partial synonymy, some authors have not differentiated the subspecies whereas others have, including Benson (1983; see images section).











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