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This system is currently in test-mode. If you come across any bugs, please report this to hans@one.no.

How to contribute

Radiolaria.org welcome you to add information to the database. Your contributions can help build this site into a useful resource for all radiolarian researchers.

How to add?
Information is added by filling out forms that you will find on the following pages. The forms contain certain required fields which must be filled out before submitted. These are marked with an asterisks *. Most forms also include examples of how the text should be formatted. Please try to follow these examples as this will help us process and display the information in a uniform way.

What to add?
When adding information (a "new" species or additional information about an already registered species) it is important that all the data is backed up by one or more publications, and that these citations are correct. This will ensure the quality of the database.

If you want to contribute unpublished material, this can be placed in the discussion section under each species.

Preparing images
Before adding images, please make sure they are on the jpg format. This can easily be achieved using Adobe Photoshop (or another image application):