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Antarctissa whitei Bj°rklund, 1976

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The test is very massive, with no distinct junction of cephalis and thorax. The surface looks rather spongy, and it may appear that the pores look funnel-shaped, although the general appearance is rounded pores, irregularly displaced, with no obvious difference between the cephalic and thoracic pores. The internal structures can be seen by observing from below. From the wall, where cephalis and thorax join, bars pierce out toward the center and join a semicircular ring, situated above the medial bar with the vertical, apical, dorsal and lateral spines. The bars are seldom visible on the surface of the test.
Dimensions of holotype: The widest point of the test is 67Ám, while the length is 84Ám. Twenty-five paratypes were measured varying between 60 and 75Ám of the widest part on the test with a length varying between 58 and 100Ám (Plate 13, Figure 9). Holotype from Sample 348-6-3,50-52cm.
Bj°rklund 1976











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