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Petrushevskaya 1971

Figure 12

Skeletal elements of Nassellaria with a sagittal ring, according to R. Goll (Goll, 1967)
I) Sagittal ring with diverging bars (compare with fig. 10, IX); II, III) shell, posteriorly; IV) shell anteriorly; V) shell from below (compare fig. 6, III);
sr, sagittal ring; br, basal ring; as, apical spine; fb, frontal bar; sb, sternal bar; vs, vertical spine; plb, primary lateral bars; slb, secondary lateral bars; tlb, tertiary lateral bars; axs, axial spine; psrs, paired spines of the sagittal ring; cb, connecting bars; bp, basal pores; slp, sagittal-lattice pores; vp, vertical pore; sp, sternal pore;fp, frontal pore; bs, basal spine.