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Benson 1966

Plate 31

1 Lampromitra quadricuspis Haeckel; ventral view, VS-R-56a, 1-3cm, C33/3, 300x.

2-3 Clathrocyclas ? sp.; 2, VS-R-60a, 3-5cm, U15/0, 300x; 3, left lateral view, VS-R-91Bb, 1-3cm, 032/2, 300x.

4-8 Helotholus histricosa Jörgensen; 4, left lateral view, VS-R-151b, V31/2, 300x; 5, oblique view from below, focus on arborescent axial spine, VS-R-151b, 1-3cm, J16/3, 300x; 6, left lateral view of incomplete specimen with long legs, VS-R-115a, 1-3cm, R47/4, 300x; 7, apical view, VS-R-115a, 1-3cm, R14/2, 300x; 8, right lateral view, VS-R-60a, 3-5cm, D8/4, 300x.