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INTERRAD XII - 2009 (China)
Jane K. Dolven (2009/03/25)

Norwegian Radiolarian Stamp
Kjell R. Bjørklund (2005/09/28)

InterRad 11 and Triassic Symposium, March 2006, New Zealand: Reminder
Chris Hollis (2005/06/26)

Radiolarians in the Geological Record
Ed O. Amon and Marina S. Afanasieva (2005/05/30)

Interrad XI Conference Announcement: call for papers
Chris Hollis (2005/05/03)

Review of Radiolarians in the Sedimentary Record
John Gregory (2004/10/31)

Chris Hollis (2004/09/15)

Radiolarians in the Sedimentary Record
Patrick De Wever (2003/09/16)

Circular INTERRAD X - 2003
Peter O. Baumgartner (2003/08/04)

RADIOLARIA 21now also on Radiolaria.org
Jane (2003/07/02)

Jonathan Aitchison (2003/06/28)

Second Circular INTERRAD X - 2003
Sarah-Jane Jackett (2003/02/17)

Radfolks mailing list
Giuseppe Cortese (2003/02/12)

First Circular INTERRAD X - 2003
Peter O. Baumgartner (2002/05/21)

Jonathan Aitchison (2002/05/13)

More plates added in the Archive section
Jane (2002/01/25)

Radiolaria update
Jane (2001/05/08)

Siliceous Microfossil Meeting - 24th of May
John Gregory (2001/04/06)

Cushman Foundation publications for radiolarian workers
Patricia A Whalen (2000/12/04)

Paleozoic Working Group
Patricia A Whalen (2000/12/04)

Mystery Rad of the Month
Jane (2000/11/20)

Radiolaria.org presented at Interrad 2000
Jane (2000/11/12)

Improvements for Radiolaria.org
Jane (2000/11/12)

Issues discussed about Radioloaira.org at Interrad 2000 meeting
Jane (2000/11/12)

Workshop report from the late Cretaceous - early Paleogene Working Group
Christopher J Hollis (2000/10/03)

Workshop report from the late Cretaceous - early Paleogene Working Group
Minutes of workshop, 19 September 2000, Feather River Inn, California
Present: Yoshiaki Aita, Peter Baumgartner, Chuck Blome, Taniel Danelian, Chris Hollis, Liu Jianbing, Kiyoshi Kawabata, Marta Marcucci, Atsushi Matsuoka, Cathy Nigrini, Akiko Nishimura, Annika Sanfilippo, Elspeth Urquhart, Valentina Vishnevskaya.

Apologies: None

Additional members of working group: Marta Bak, Kjell Bjørklund, John Gregory, Donna Hull, Irina Khokhlova, Hsin Yi Ling, Irina Popova, Mensi Rela, Toyasaburo Sakai, Tatiana Shikova, Torstein Steiger, Osamu Takahashi.

Co-chairs: Hollis and Sanfilippo

Review aims of working group
The primary aim of this working group is to co-ordinate research effort in Late Cretaceous-Eocene radiolarians in order to (1) better understand radiolarian evolution through the Cretaceous-Cenozoic transition and (2) to improve the utility of radiolarians as guides to environmental changes across the K/T and P/E boundaries.

The working group has agreed that the first step towards achieving these aims is the integration of regional biozonations and that this integration requires consistency in the identification of key index species. To assist in the consistent application of species concepts, we intend to establish a web-based taxonomic database of regional key species. The primary focus is latest Cretaceous (Campanian) to early Eocene, but we encourage all researchers studying Late Cretaceous and Paleogene radiolarians to contribute to the database.

Taxonomic Database
The working group agreed that we would endeavour to utilise both the website set up by Jane Dolven (www.radiolaria.org) and the Radworld database (Nigrini, Caulet and Sanfilippo), which is also to be uploaded to the web in the near future. Jane’s website is useful for downloading preliminary data, including photographs from regional collections, which may require discussion and modification. Radworld is useful for collating original descriptions and illustrations.

Kozlova Monograph
Jean-Pierre Caulet has generously offered to translate key parts of the monograph, starting with descriptions of new genera and species, description of the biozonation and descriptions of key species (as identified by Annika and Chris). As translations are done Caulet will post them on the radfolks listserver and also add them to the RadWorld database.

Research Activities
Aita: Cenomanian-Turonian, Eocene, Italy; Maastrichtian, New Zealand
Baumgartner: Cenomanian – Middle Eocene, Costa Rica
Blome: Paleocene – Eocene, ?California
Danelian: Cenomanian – Turonian
Hollis: Santonian – early Eocene, SW and NW Pacific, southern Indian Ocean.
Liu: Late Cretaceous – Late Paleocene, Tibet
Marcucci: Cenomanian – Maastrichtian, Italy
Nishimura: Late Paleocene – early Eocene, north Atlantic and southern Indian Oceans
Sanfilippo: Paleogene, north Atlantic and southern Indian Oceans
Urquhart: Turonian – Campanian, Cyprus
Vishnvevkskaya, Bragina, etc.: Cenomanian – Eocene, Russia (Siberia, Bering, Sakhalin, Crimea)

IGCP proposal
The working group agreed that Chris Hollis should investigate the potential for an IGCP project on “radiolarians as indicators of past productivity changes” with an emphasis on episodes of major global changes in the Late Cretaceous and early Cenozoic. It was recognised that IGCP support might enable regular meetings of working group members over the next 5-6 years, perhaps linking the meetings with the next two INTERRAD conferences (2003 in Switzerland, 2006 in New Zealand). It is probably too late to meet the October 15 deadline for this year.

Christopher J Hollis (2000/10/03)