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Pterocorys hertwigii

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Phormocyrtis fastosa (Ehrenberg) Haeckel or Pterocorys hertwigii (Haeckel)?
Richard N. Benson (28/05/2004)
Benson (1966) placed Eucyrtidium hertwigii Haeckel in queried synonymy with Phormocyrtis fastuosa [sic.] (Ehrenberg) Haeckel because it differs from the latter only in the presence of two abdominal joints, a feature that may be subject to intraspecific variation. It was his opinion, therefore, that Ehrenberg’s species has priority.

Nigrini (1967) noted Haeckel’s (1887) description of E. hertwigii as four-segmented, but from her examination of topotypic material she determined that the taxon is always three-segmented and placed it in the genus Theoconus. Caulet and Nigrini (1988) were unable to determine the correct taxonomic position of Eucyrtidium fatuosum Ehrenberg; therefore, they did not consider it synonymous with P. hertwigii. See additional synonymy in their publication.











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