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Euchitonia sp. cf. E. furcata

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Differences from Euchitonia elegans/furcata group and D. profunda
Richard N. Benson (24/11/2003)
Tests of Euchitonia sp. cf. E. furcata are similar to those of the Euchitonia elegans/furcata group in that many specimens have center rings/shells that are clearly visible but arms that are shorter and thicker at the tips. Some with dark centers (rings/shells in the center not clearly visible) may be similar to Euchitonia sp. from the Gulf but with shorter arms.
Although superficially resembling tests of Dictyocoryne profunda from the Gulf, tests of Euchitonia sp. cf. E. furcata are distinctly bilateral, concentric shells of the center are clearly visible, and the triangular outline of the center that is typical of D. profunda is lacking.











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